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In our quest for a comprehensive understanding of the consequences of COVID, above all, we are well aware that this viral infection possesses a multifaceted nature, capable of impacting much more than just the respiratory system.

As a matter of fact, COVID is not merely a contagious respiratory tract infection;

Evidently, it is now crystal clear that it is a multi-systemic disease that can lead to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney issues, brain complications, and damage to many other organs.


We had Delta, Omicron, and others,

At the present time, we are facing Eris knocking at our door, while Pirola echoes “I’m here too”

Tomorrow, another variant will likely emerge.

We cannot change this reality…


In the meantime, there are rational and prudent steps we can take for ourselves:

Ignoring adventurous narratives in conspiracy theories and following the advice of trusted scientists…

In this article,

You will find a summary of a scientific study demonstrating the increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes following a COVID infection.

Neglecting precautions in certain matters cannot be regarded as fate,

But has the potential to lead to life-long sorrow…

Impact of COVID on Blood Sugar Regulation

Pancreas is an organ with various critical functions,

Briefly, we can summarize its fundamental functions as controlling blood sugar and facilitating digestion.

Pancreas regulates blood sugar by secreting insulin from beta cells.

pankreas beta hücreleri covid tip 2 diyabet

As has been noted by scientists

A reduction in insulin-secreting granules within beta cells has been observed following a COVID infection, caused by SARS-CoV-2,

As a result,

A decrease in insulin production that leads to disruptions in blood sugar levels has been observed.

Correspondingly, the most striking aspect of this study is that,

This effect has been demonstrated in individuals who had no history of Type 2 diabetes but were infected with COVID.


Published in Diabetologia, one of the most respected journals in the field of medicine, this study provides many valuable insights.

In summary, a total of 8.8 million patients’ health records were examined,


  • 35,865 patients diagnosed with COVID were compared to
  • 35,865 patients diagnosed with other upper respiratory tract infections.

The first graph above compares the risk of newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes in COVID patients (blue line) to patients with other upper respiratory tract infections (red line).

The risk of Type 2 Diabetes starts to increase after the second month,

And subsequently,

By the eighth month, there is a significant divergence between the curves.

The second graph states that increased risk is specific to Type 2 Diabetes solely.


No significant increase is observed in other types of diabetes.

Impressions Regarding the COVID - Type 2 Diabetes Relationship

COVID infection comes with a wide range of complications, from mild respiratory symptoms to severe cases and even death.


It can lead to long-term adverse effects and complications that persist even after the acute phase has passed.

The problematic point is…

There is no way to predict who will be affected.

covid ve tip 2 diyabet type 2 diabetes

Current scientific information indicates that,

Diverse system disorders and complications can be experienced with long COVID, as well as acute period problems.

In order to understand whether these undesirable long-term effects are permanent or temporary,

We need to monitor them for a while and accumulate scientific studies.

In this case, the most correct and rational approach is,

To continue to strictly comply with the pandemic precautions, especially getting the full dose vaccination.

Because the most pragmatic way to avoid acute and chronic complications of the disease is not to get infected.

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